Maiden of Vigilance Dead - 7/9 Mythic - Banterbus Incoming

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Maiden has died.

A few things.

Why is this boss here and tuned like this? The 3rd to last boss was easier than Sisters. The difficulty curve is totally wrong here, and if you can't kill this in 2 raid nights there's an issue.

Anyway, it's dead. I feel that Blizzard really missed a trick here, and I feel for any guild on Mistress having to hammer >150 pulls in to something early in the instance to be greeted with a boss that's far easier.

Sorry exxdee for the memes:

This is maiden:

This is our kill:

Obligatory meme:


i would like to edit this post to say i apologise maiden i was wrong and u were right #NeverReclear

i edit again WE SLAYED MAIDEN!!

Mistress Sass'zline dead - 6/9 Mythic

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After 166 pulls we decided that we had to put 50% of the raid on the new vegan diet which was not eating fish or trying to eat killer sharks, and it worked

We have slain mistress and can confirm we will spend next reset farming the instance then doing maiden to assist in boost runs of our friends (polar can we negotiate to have Joined Realm First in title for sales, Connor says we can't but I think he is a tyrant that we need to behead, we will trade you Sukharik for him)

It was a fun boss, i maintained impeccable calmness during the fight and have a composure that can make Gandhi proud

Here is an artists description of the kill shot as well as associated memes (thank u matt 4 soaking but sry ur #1 so we have to #1 meme)

We will meet maiden on the field of battle on sunday, where this vid will be top meme

Team 2: Just killed Host as well. 5/9 for T2, 6/9 for t1!

Desolate Host dead - 5/9 mythic

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5/9 mythic
hard boss
mistress is killing us

pufferfish must die

update 18/7/17

mistress lives. we are hunted by jaws

4/9 mythic T1 - 3/9 mythic T2

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We killed 3 tough early bosses and took a glaive to the face alot for sisters

whale in p3:

see u at desolate host on sunday

both teams lf playas

Inner Sanctum vs Mythic Tomb

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It starts tonight

Led by:

Henrik 'The Mute' Sson

Sagart 'The Away' Sagart

James 'The Grey' Marcus

White 'Boulder' Knightx


see you in a few raids

Through The Looking Glass

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Tomb cleared.

Splits done.

One more wave of splits on Wednesday.

Then #OperationCatchup begins.


Shall we begin?

Team 2: LF 1 healer and 1 dps.

Team 1: LF DH.