Hello, I'm Jim Moriarty, and welcome to The Tomb Problem (LF 2-3 more members)

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LF 2-3 dps/healers in both Team 1 and Team 2.


Channel 2 News - New Team, 10/10 Mythic

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Formed from the ashes of Purified, IS has acquired a new team. The aim is Realm #1 and #2. Will it happen? Depends if Yume can stop weebing.

9/10 Mythic in 2 days. LF more ranged dps.

And now they are 10/10 Mythic, making that two teams in IS who have cleared Mythic Nighthold.

10/10 Mythic - Gul'dan Dead

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The tier is now over. We've killed Gul'dan!

It has been an interesting tier. We've come from Realm 567 to Realm 2nd, starting in mid-Feb with raiders in less than 870 ilvl and players out of raiding for a few years.

Nonetheless, using the same levels of organization and respect as the ethos of Inner Sanctum previously, we've managed to finish a respectable Realm 2nd, in the top 200, without doing the usual of most guilds (3 days a week, jk it's 6).

I'd like to thank the guild for their hard work during this time, and look forward to any more gamers who wish to join us.

Tier 19 pulls:

Helya: 17
Anomaly: 16
Trilliax: 4
Spellblade: 47
Krosus: 7
Botanist: 8
Tichondrius: 26
Star Augur: 80 + 7 (post nerf)
Elisande: 123
Gul'dan: 127

We're also looking to open a second raiding team inside.

Nerdscreams inc too when our team have finished making the video. It will take as long as the kill itself...

Grand Magistrix Elisande down!

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Quick post to say - we're 9/10 Mythic now. Not bad, as we started mid February at 880 ilvl!

Open for recruitment. Taste our memes.